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End of year 2001

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The Marmon, almost complete at the factory...?

Now, it looks like a car, doesn't it?
Right side of the Marmon with a little antique toning
The spare tyre (actually the whole wheel) is very impressive!
The right side of the engine looks nice and beautifully finished. Can you say what part is missing?
The left side of the engine is almost as beautiful. Some minor flaws though: the coils are not the right. The ignition adjust mechanism is missing too.
Driwing wheel shining with seven layers of varnish. Ancient tales tell us that this driwing wheel originally is from an Auburn. I think that it is only a nasty rumour...?
The drivers seat is rather comfortable. After you have been able to wriggle yourself behind the wheel, that is.
The interior of  the rear compartment is not finished yet. Note that there are no holes in the carpet yet. We have to desing the mounting of the auxiliary seats again. The seats had been moved a little bit forwards, because The Passanger, Marshal Mannerheim had long legs!


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