Missing Parts
If you know where to find these, please let us know. 

This has been found!!!

(Wiper motor, vacuum type, manufactured by "Trico")

Double type rear-view mirror (photographed from below)
Steering wheel hub and horn button. See drawings too.
Combined cigarette lighter / trouble lamp assembly.
Rewinding wire mechanism for the cigarette lighter / trouble lamp. This picture has been taken from below and the dash wall is on the right. Notice the fuse attached to the side of the reel and the switch at the bottom.
Trouble lamp holder, probably similar to a oil can holder.
Rear-view mirror, assembled on the spare tyre. 
Spare tyre latches. See pic of the latch opened.
Two "Yale" padlocks made for Marmon by Yale & Towne Co. Used for locking the spare tire latches. One set for each side of the car.
Air deflectors ("wind wings"), glass and the ironwork
Gas tank cap. Notice three locking pins.
Cane strip, body manufacturer Locke trademark. Can you make such a cane strip? How was it originally attached to the car?
Little fasteners that hold the side curtains are in such a bad condition and should be replaced. 18 pcs.

Side curtains are also missing. We are interested in drawings and measurements and accessories for the side curtains.

Interior lights / "tonneau lights" (pic missing, sorry)
The whole convertible top is missing. We have drawings and measurements of the mechanism and the bows and we are intended to re-make the top. We are intersted in all correct details and parts for the top.  
Robe rail, correct item is wanted!
Marmon tools.  List of the tools should be here...
Dimmer switch, marque "Snome"
Two ignition coils, 6 volts. Ignition wire outlet on the side of the coil, four brackets for mounting .
Air compressor for tires. Yes I know that this was not anymore an default accessory in 1927, but I believe that it has still been an option then. Definately it was needed! Think of how bad the roads in Finland must have been back then and dont forget how many horses there was, all loosing shoes and scattering the horse shoe nails along the road...

Flywheel has been covered with an arched sheet of metal with embossed edge. This should be rather easy one to make. 


If you happen to know where to find any of these items, please let us know!

mobile phone: +358 - 400 - 317 176

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