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Summer 2001

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Old windscreen was ordinary glass and full of scratches. We decided not to make a search light hole on the new windscreen before we find the search light for it.

A Lincoln distributor cap and rotator was modified to fit into Marmons distributor. Of course we found an original Marmon distributor cap after we had made the modification... Ordinary 6V drum shaped coils are temporarily used. We are looking for originals.

The vacuum pump has been fixed. Now it should be able to move the gasoline from the tank to the carburator. At least it worked with water :-)

The instrument panel had several extra holes where all kinds of switches were attached. The holes have been welded, the surface was smoothened and the panel was painted with original colors and original woodlike pattern.

A close view of the "Fedco Anti Theft System" plate showing the serial number of the car. The bolts will break and ruin the plate if somebody tries to dismount the plate. We did not even try...

The "Marmon" emblem looks quite nice on the new radiator core. It was not too easy to get a new core... I wonder if the radiator core has originally been painted at all?

Gas tank is finally at its place. Scratched, straightened, sand blasted, painted and the inner surface covered with a special epoxy layer. The cap is modified from another american marque gas tank cap (I dare not to mention which one...). It also got new thread, special invention by Mr. P. Sainio :-)

The gas tank can be seen here too. The rear bumper is original, but the front bumper we had to make by ourselves.

An upside view to the rear springs. The leather covers should be filled with grease, but the spring manufacturer said that it will shorten the lifespan of the springs quite a lot. Well, I prefer shorter but smoother...

The shock absorbers are made by "Lovejoy", hmmm... I guess that it actually is very respectful name in some part of the world, but I can't help myself thinking why a shock absorber manufacturer happens to have such a name?

The door locks, latches and hinges must be as tight as possible! These are important details when you think of good restoration quality. 

There is a small convenient compartment or pocket inside every door. The driver's door pocket should include a set of tools (still missing).

Door pocket opened. All compartements have been measured so that an ordinary size of liquour bottle ("Koskenkorva-vodka") does NOT fit in!

The lower part of the door has been covered with floor carpet. I guess the right shade should have been somewhat greenish, but this grey color looks quite good also.

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